Why me?

I have a strong scientific background and consider myself an expert on scientific texts, including those in the fields of medicine and pharmacology. Further studies on literature, art and sociology enhanced my background so that I can deliver the “between the lines” meanings that are particularly important in non-technical texts. Do not hesitate to approach me with works from different fields. I am happy to help and to deliver a high-quality product.


I have worked for many years as a biochemist on health issues, which makes me an expert on medical and pharmaceutical topics. Laboratory equipment and analytical instruments are no strangers to me, thanks to my work in the lab. My name can be found on more than a dozen publications on three main topics: genetic diseases, autoimmune diseases and analytical research in both.

For research on your translation topic, I have a network of experts who I can talk to and reference, which will, in turn, result in an excellent service for you.


My Intercultural Communication Studies (IFK) in Berlin and my long-term overseas travels have opened my eyes to how people from different lands function worldwide. This has made me keen on translating texts about different topics.

Personal Facts

I walk through the world with open eyes and an open mind. My love for my home town, Berlin, Germany, is still fresh. The city holds everything that is near and dear to me; it is the centre of my social network, my cultural activities and knowledge and my source of inspiration. Here, I have gotten to know the people who have showed me around their worlds whether they were in Spain, Italy or the UK, or Argentina, Bolivia, the USA, Canada or Indonesia. Often, I had the possibility to spend several weeks or even months in each of these respective countries, thus participating in everyday life there. I have been very lucky to get to know different people with various opinions, perspectives and work experiences who have enabled me to deepen my knowledge constantly – something that is continually useful for my job as a translator and interpreter.

I believe in a better future based on good education systems and on fruitful cultural exchanges that are not dominated by economic or religious goals. This is why I support an Indonesian village through the children’s fund organization PLAN. Locally, I am engaged in Community Supported Agriculture project. I do think that food should be grown and distributed independently of market constraints.

My work experience in biochemical research makes me an expert on scientific topics, whereas my widespread global interest helps me to think outside the box and present you with the best product possible – one crafted with expertise and real interest, straight from the heart.

Contact / Site notice

Dr. rer. medic. Birgit Hollenbach
Scientific Writing, Translation and Copy-Editing, PhD in Biochemistry
Sworn Translator
German (native)
English, Spanish

MOBIL +49 (0)163 63 858 83
Dr. Birgit Hollenbach
Potsdamer Straße 155
10783 Berlin
Phone: (030) 216 13 67

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